Saturday, July 10, 2010

A New Start on my LIfe

What can I say......welcome back to Houston. Same old hot weather, but you beats home. I turned 18 not too long ago and that's a scary thing for me. It just made me realize that I think I just wasted all of my teenage years. Oh well....can't turn around and do anything about it, I guess. Houston is even harder than it was last year, which I like. The teachers are on my ass even more than last year. This place finally helped me understand that I have to take everything for granted; I have to take the challenge and at least try and not sit there. I've felt like I've wasted a lot of my training.....I know that is not true, but that's just what it feels like with me. Seeing all of my friends, which I love, even makes me more sad. Some I will stay in touch with, and most I probably won't see ever again. I mean my old class just graduated and I will probably never see them ever again. My freshmen class I have hardly seen and they will graduate along with guess this is what people have been saying when they say live life to the fullest. I guess I better make this worth it before I evolve into a man and live on my own....... :(

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