Thursday, December 2, 2010

That time of year once again.....

Well it is that time of the year. Nutcracker is coming have no idea how nervous I am. Snow hasn't been going that well especially after rehearsal today. Grand Pas is getting better but at the very end just have one last lift. After giving everything you got in the pas de deux, ur variation, and the coda, you try to give that little bit burst of energy to do the last lift. I just hope everything works out. This is stressing me shouldn't because I enjoy performing but when it comes to the thing that I've always wanted to do since i was 8.....makes me nervous as hell. But I must give it my best because tomorrow will be our first and my last time doing nutcracker at UNCSA. I can't believe it. I just want to show everyone, especially my parents, and my second grandfather who has never seen me dance, show them what I can do and show them how much I love this and enjoy. God, or whoever, please give me the will to give everything I got.......just please.

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