Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Moment I've Waited For

Tonight I just saw a movie that I have been waiting for to see in months. I saw the movie Mao's Last Dancer. ......I have never seen a movie with so much power in my life. It actually gave me chills after seeing the movie. It made me realize that I thought I had it bad, but after seeing that movie, I realized what I have gone through is nothing compared to what Li Cunxin has gone through. I don't know how I would be with myself if I had to go through all the situations he was in. People looked at me weird like "why is he saying this? It's just a movie." That's fine. I can understand why you're saying it. But this movie had showed me that you shouldn't give up; no matter how you go through it and how hard it is at times, you still believe in yourself and dance from your heart. Dreams do come true. I saw this movie because it had my art, and it showed what the Chinese have to go through to become ballet dancers. ......I have never cried over something like this before.....just goes to show how much i really care and appreciate the art form of ballet...

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